Sunday, June 08, 2003

cycling fool

Finally got off my duff and picked up a bicycle today. Turns out all the cycling in the gym has done some good, as it took a long time to run out of gas. The first trip wound its way through Leaside (much faster than by car), across the Leaside Bridge, down into the Don Valley by the police training facility, then along the Don River. It took no time at all before reaching the port lands, where a warm, sunny day turned into a cold, foggy one. This flip in the weather lasted as long as I was south of Lakeshore - once I reached Leslie, conditions returned to the way they were.

Still full of energy, I decided not to take the subway back, testing the riding waters downtown. Turns out Sunday is ideal, even for riding up University. Passed Woofstock in the Distillery district, dodging pooches and their owners, each side with smiles on their faces (later talked to a friend of mine who took her dog down and had a good time...and lots of samples to take home, though it sounds like her cats were too eager to try their treats). Harebrained drivers were not in evidence, except for a couple of dolts parked in the bike lane on Davenport Rd. Heard a lot of drum-banging going on in Queen's Park, though it seemed to be a festival, not a protest. Finally ran out of steam after turning off Davisville, a few blocks from home. Forgotten just how good a long journey felt.

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