toronto sun mad libs: 1996 olympic bid edition

sun 1990-09-19 page 25 macdonald
Toronto Sun, September 19, 1990. Click on image for larger version.
Working on my epic-length piece on the history of Toronto's Summer Olympics bids last week, I was amused by several opinion pieces published in the Toronto Sun during the drive to host the 1996 games. It wasn't just that they attacked opponents of the bid, it was that they did so in stereotypical bombastic Sun style.

Take the piece above, written by veteran columnist Bob MacDonald after the bid died. MacDonald was not the subtlest of writers; his pieces were fuelled by rage, especially at anyone even faintly left of centre (along with Peter Worthington and Lubor Zink, he was one of the paper's over-the-top Commie baiters). So when bid backers like Paul Henderson lashed out at lefty opponents, MacDonald joined the chorus.

Which made me think: this column is perfect for Mad Libs treatment. Some of you might argue it's suitable for a drinking game, but that's inappropriate in this case. MacDonald, who wrote the front page story on the first edition of the Sun in November 1971, was a recovering alcoholic who tried to help those plagued with similar addictions.

So, with the help of Photoshop, I've transformed the column into a game for you to let your imagination run wild with. Don't go for the obvious answers, go for the absurd, the goofy, etc. Print a copy and douse the Olympic flame in your own glorious manner.

sun olympic ad libs
Click on image for larger version.


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