vintage toronto daily mail ad of the day

Vintage Ad #1,811: Cheerfulness is Wearing Tooke Bros.

At first I laughed at the absurdity of this ad’s claims: turning into a misanthropic wretch because of an ill-fitting shirt. Then I remembered I’ve been guilty of yelling in anger or cursing my physical shape whenever a shirt that fit well on its first wearing shrank after being washed. This is especially true if the shirt cost more than my usual apparel budget. There have been times where I’ve been ultra-paranoid about purchasing clothes out of fear they would shrink by 50% or, if it was a type of garment I knew was prone to a water-induced diet, remain in an enlarged state suitable for a clown costume.

In other words, the man in the ad deserves his moment of cheerfulness.

Source: the Toronto Daily Mail, January 23, 1892


Amy said…
I have this problem less often with shirts than with pants. Before washing - perfect length! After washing - ready for the next flood!

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