vintage better homes and gardens ad of the day (with a message to jessie)

Vintage Ad #1,801: Get Dreft and Get Both

With the backlog of material sitting here, it takes a while before I get around to thoroughly browsing magazines I've picked up on a whim because they could be useful for future research or a tossed-off blog post.  When I finally get around to reading them, the notes previous readers left behind jump out at me.

Such is the case with today's feature presentation, taken from an early 1950s issue of Better Homes & Gardens I purchased in Herkimer, NY during a roadtrip to Boston last spring.  I was walking off lunch from a nearby diner (a massive Denver omelette, accompanied by biscuits served with gravy that didn't resemble wallpaper paste) along the town's definitely-seen-better-days main street when I stopped in a quirky antique shop. Unlike similar establishments, the prices weren't going to break the bankthe magazine was one of several items I purchased for a buck apiece. Took a quick flip, saw its potential, tossed it in the trunk, and rediscovered it on New Year's Day.

The back cover featured a typical period detergent ad...but what's the upside-down message handwritten near the bottom right corner?

Vintage Ad #1,801 Bonus Feature - A Message to Jessie

Was the writer preparing a rough draft of a letter or card intended for Jessie? Or was the magazine a gift delivered by a friend or neighbour of Jessie's to provide a distraction from the sorrowful event?

Hopefully this friendly present of lifestyle tips eased Jessie's mind for a little while.

Source: Better Homes & Gardens, August 1953


Susan Clarke said…
I have an old McCall's Red Book cookbook my mom received at her wedding shower. On the Peach Kuchen recipe, she has written "Peter likes it! Add extra egg!" Seems so sweet and naive.

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