rewinding through 2010

...or an excuse to revisit some of this year's scribblings.

Historicist: Icy Discrimination (Torontoist, March 6)
Bonus Features (Blog, March 18)

The story of a discriminatory ice rink in North Toronto garnered a lot of positive feedback, including an email of thanks from the niece of one of those involved in the story.

Roncesvalles Construction Sucks (Torontoist, January 25)

Though the streetcar has returned, the bump-outs have debuted, and two-way traffic is back, Roncesvalles isn't out of the woods yet when it comes to construction chaos. More work to come in the spring.

Historicist: Measures of War (Torontoist, June 27)
Historicist: Kill Bill 99 (Torontoist, July 10)
Your G20 Stories (Blog, October 19)

Pieces written during, about, and inspired by G20 weekend.

The Empire Strikes Back (Heritage Toronto, July 28)

The first of a series of Toronto newspaper histories that should continue through 2011. - JB


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