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Vintage Ad #145 - We Want Our Apeco Roll-O-Matic Now!

This ad has proven to be one of the most popular I've posted on the web, with over 2,300 views (and counting) since I uploaded it to Flickr in 2007. An interesting perspective was recently submitted by "Don ITW", who worked in the copier industry:

I actually worked on Apeco Rollo Matics. With over 30 years working on copiers they where the absolute worst machine I ever worked on.
Last time I saw one was in about 1981. The Apeco office was located on Aimco Blvd in Mississauga, the building was purchased by Savin ( became part of Ricoh) the rollomatics went in the dumpster.

They where always blue I never new until I saw this ad that optional colours where available. Funny the colour of the dumpsters was also blue! The building on Aimco was very flashy (sexy) slanted glass front it is consistent with the image in this ad.

So much for liberating the humble office worker.

I suspect many of my co-workers would picket the copier on our floor, which has long been the bane of our existence. Rarely a week goes by without a visit from a repairman, whose remedies are short-lived. Though the copier's vendor will take the beast back once the contract is over, I have often thought it might make a nice charitable gesture (and stress-reliever) to adapt an event from high school: instead of taking whacks with a mallet at a car the shop class was finished with, anyone working on my floor could line up, pay a nominal fee to our corporate charity, slide on a pair of safety goggles and smash the copier to bits. - JB


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