are milkmen careless in riverdale?

Milk Program at Manning Avenue School, April 27, 1923. City of Toronto Archives, Series 372, Subseries 32, Item 711. We know this picture wasn't taken in Riverdale, but it was the most appropriate picture we could find that was taken in Toronto within two decades of today's tale.

A tidbit tucked away in a roundup of news from the east side of Toronto in the June 2, 1911 edition of the Evening Telegram:

"There's more broken glass around the streets of Riverdale than was ever seen before," said the father of a little girl whose foot had been in contact with part of a broken milk bottle, "and milkmen are the worst offenders, for if they get a broken bottle they rarely carry it to a safe place, but throw it into a vacant lot, or even into the street."
Other stories in the roundup included the arrival of two carloads of steel to be used for the Queen Street viaduct, the laying of streetcar track on the Wilton Avenue bridge (now Dundas Street East), the erection of hydro poles on streets north of Danforth Avenue, and an angry property owner in North Riverdale who wished the city would throw its energy into building a promised sewer pipe along Danforth east of Pape instead of building the Bloor viaduct. "The class of houses going up in this district is fairly good," he noted, "but the absence of sewerage will prevent better class dwellings being built."


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