dawn of the king's highways in ontario

me 30-03-20 kings highways signs
Source: The Mail and Empire, March 20, 1930

A tidbit I found while researching a recent Historicist post. Since the current series of highway route markers was introduced in 1993 "The King's Highway" moniker has gradually vanished from Ontario's roadways, along with many of the highways themselves—thanks Mike Harris! For most of the system's existence, the name has been a misnomer, since Ontario's official head of state has been a queen (sorry QEII).

As for Minister of Highways George Stewart Henry, he left the position he had held since 1923 in December to become Premier of Ontario after Howard Ferguson resigned to become Canada's High Commissioner in London. Henry's name lives on in the North York neighbourhood named after his farm.

More info: The History of Ontario's King's Highways features a history of route signage in the province. - JB


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