teen talk, 1960s style

Teen Talk

This slice of "teen humour" was a space filler in a 1960s issue of Teen Titans that was so decayed that it accompanied a week's worth of the Globe and Mail and half-a-dozen cereal boxes to the recycling bin instead of finding its way to a Goodwill or comic book shop. Probably the most interesting element is the artist: Mort Drucker, whose work for National/DC was usually found in its war titles. At this point, he was also a decade into his run as one of the key artists for Mad, where he gradually became the chief artist for the magazine's movie and TV satires.

As for the comic itself, Siskoid's Blog of Geekery tells you all to need to know...or maybe all you really know is that the villain Robin, Wonder Girl, Kid Flash and Aqualad took on was a robot named Honey Bun. Honey Bun.

Source: Teen Titans #8, March-April 1967 - JB


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