are you closed on good friday?

Very Very Very Closed (1)

While strolling along Spadina Avenue near Queen Street on Good Friday, we noticed a store that sent out conflicting messages about its state of operations that day. On the one hand, the doors were wide open. On the other, a piece of copy paper held in the middle of the doorway by a line of Scotch tape told passers-by there wasn't any reason to stop in.

Very Very Very Closed (2)

The owners should have used one more "very" to push the point across with no room for questioning. I was amazed the thin line of tape held up so well, unless there were gobs of it at either end hidden from public view. If someone was determined to go in and see what was up, unless they had a back problem it would have been easy to duck under the tape.

The sign doesn't answer a key question: if this store was very, very, very closed, why were the doors wide open? Was it:
  • An opportunity to cool down the interior in the face of the summer-like weather?
  • A ruse to draw potential customers back another day?
  • The work of a lone employee who stepped out for a few minutes?
  • A neighbourhood prankster?
 Photos taken April 2, 2010 - JB


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