deli department

I may be developing a taste for grain-based dished stuffed into animal casings. First an annual helping of haggis, now, after a recent meal at Caplansky's Delicatessen, kishka. Sarah and I didn't steal one, though other items we had for dinner alongside it were criminally generous (howdy seemingly bottomless basket of fries that comes as a side with sandwich combos!). I liked the savoury kishka more than Sarah did, partly due to her mixed feelings about the smoked meat gravy (a side order of which was like getting a second sandwich), partly because it was stuffed in "derma," which sounded too close to "epidermis."

After another meal at Caplansky's on Good Friday, we think we may have settled into our standard orders: medium smoked sandwich with cabbage borscht (a sweeter, meatier version of the cabbage soup I remember my family buying at an annual Mennonite bazaar near Leamington during childhood) for me, salad with smoked turkey and an extra dollop of mustard mixed in for Sarah.


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