Wednesday, February 11, 2009

new treatment for tasty hot dogs (2)

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Franks in Cheese Blankets
Proto-Pillsbury crescent roll wiener wraps? I would have been revolted by the addition of olives as a kid—they would have been rolled out of the hot dog. I liked my toppings plain and simple—mustard and ketchup. At some point Dad and I discovered the miracle of canned hot dog chili sauce, brown glop we liberally applied to the bun. Any leftover sauce was served in bowls, occasionally with a dash of shredded cheese. We usually bought Castleberry's or Vietti brands on stateside shopping trips. I haven't cracked open a car so far this century.

UPDATE (Feb 25/09): While conducting a recent cleaning of the Warehouse nuclear food stockpile, I discovered a can of Castleberry's hiding at the back of the pantry. Further research and taste-testing to be conducted.

Hot Dogs With Stuffing
Here's where the test kitchen's ideas really fall apart. It may be a blessing this dish was shot in black and white, as combination of ingredients suggest a regurgitated hot dog with bun, with pickle slices subbing for relish. I apologize for causing anyone to lose their appetite.

Next: More stuffing and the inevitable Polynesian treatment.

Source: Better Living, June 1953

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