Wednesday, February 04, 2009

new treatment for tasty hot dogs (1)

New Treatment for Tasty Hot Dogs
Now that we're in the depths of the winter blahs, isn't it time to start daydreaming about next summer? Come June, it's time to take in baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet...or soccer, veggie dogs, gelato and Toyota, if one were to update the old car jingle. The number of hot dog carts on Toronto's sidewalks either testifies to our love of all manner of tube steaks or reflects the laws that make them practically the only type of food street vendors are allowed to sell.

For those looking for a change from standard cart fare or boiling/grilling a supermarket 12-pack at home, the Warehouse has dug up handy hot dog hints from the 1950s. Feel free to experiment with chicken or veggie dogs for a modern touch!

Hot Dogs in Bread-Rolls
First up, a tray of baked doggies. As far as 1950s experiments with processed meats go, this one doesn't sound too horrible, though I have never tried horseradish mustard on a hot dog.

Bread was a last resort when it came to hot dogs during my childhood. If we were out of buns, out came the white bread. I never thought the two mixed well, though I can't be sure if this was psychological or if there was a genuine taste difference.

This is a swankier version of a fairground staple—"corn dog" probably screamed "Hick!" to the editors. The celery salt adds class to this down home treat. No sticks are provided to prevent kids from scorching their fingers in their eagerness to down the first one out of the fryer.

Next: Proto-Pillsbury wraps and the start of scary things to do with innocent hot dogs.

Source: Better Living, June 1953 

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