Tuesday, February 03, 2009

one night at the black forest inn...

The Black Forest Inn
During the last Sunday in January, I drove a friend out to Guelph and Waterloo Region to show off some of my old haunts. The U of G campus was busy, thanks to an organic food show that offered plenty of samples—thumbs up to organic cottage cheese, vanilla yogurt and pickled asparagus (individually, not combined).

For dinner, we wanted to try someplace neither of us been before, which made me think of The Black Forest Inn in Conestogo.

The layout reminded me of places I ate at during childhood, the type of taverns that were plentiful then but have disappeared as time marched on. The long tables and area set aside for a dance floor brought back memories of many family meals at the Anderdon Tavern in Amherstburg, though we were never there for music.

We figured the Sunday night buffet was the easiest way to sample the menu. Amid the sausage, schnitzel and sauerkraut was a dish served at several restaurants in the region that I had never laid eyes on before: pigtails.

This required sampling...

Getting at the meat required an archaeological dig, but the result was worth it. The taste reminded me of sweet-glazed pork ribs. Neither of us minded the pigtail, despite the amount of gunk we cleared away.

Dancing at the Black Forest Inn (2) Dancing at the Black Forest Inn (1)
Several couples of varying age made their way to the dance floor during the meal—we counted seven or eight at peak. A trio playing standards provided the music, with the singer slipping her shoes on and off. Dancing abilities ranged from those who had clearly taken lessons to a pair of pre-teen girls goofing off with exaggerated ballroom moves. We resisted the urge to test out the floor but enjoyed watching others having a good time.

All photos taken January 25, 2009 

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