Thursday, January 08, 2009

feeling hot, hot, hot

A Mild Case of Detroit-Style Steaming Manholes
Steaming manholes are a common sight around Detroit, pouring large clouds onto city streets. Under the right conditions (grey skies, barren or decaying neighbourhoods, people pushing shopping carts), these bursts of steam lend a post-apocalyptic movie set atmosphere to your drive. The ones above at Temple and Woodward Avenues are weaklings as far as these things go or took a rest while I whipped out the camera.

Hot Hot Hot
While driving down Temple I came upon this monster that carries a warning to anyone thinking of touching the venting tube. Perhaps the person who applied the red paint was also a Buster Poindexter or Cure fan expressing their favourite song to the world (though, to be humble, they left out the exclamation marks).

Pictures taken in Detroit, December 29, 2008 

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