Tuesday, January 06, 2009

good appliance repairmen are scarce as edsel dealers!

Vintage Ad #694: Tom McCahill Says...
I'm not sure what Tom's intending to do with that iron...too much damage from smoothing out the wrinkles in his morning paper? Threatening to connect the iron with the head of the poor schlump who won't take his advice to learn more about appliance repair training? Holding it up to protect himself from goons sent by car manufacturers who disagreed with his latest automobile review?

Wikipedia has an extensive article on McCahill, an automotive journalist credited with inventing the "0 to 60" speed measurement and was one of the first to regularly write about test drives of new vehicles. McCahill began writing for Mechanix Illustrated in the mid-1940s and was considered such a key element of the magazine that his death in 1975 went unacknowledged in its pages—his grandson ghost-wrote his column for several years.

From the height of James Bond mania, check out McCahill's test of a 1965 Aston Martin.

Source: Mechanix Illustrated, September 1967


The latest vintage ad over on Torontoist: Astral offers the best of two worlds.

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