Friday, February 22, 2008

queen street fire

Queen Street Fire Aftemath (4)
I spent much of Wednesday keeping tabs on the fire on Queen West (more links). Adios trips to the affected branch of Suspect Video, which seemed to have more oddball flicks than their Mirvish Village location. You won't find Turkish remakes of Superman at Rogers Video...

Several co-workers also kept track over the day. Since I work with cycling enthusiasts, there was a moment of silence when word leaked that Duke's Cycle had collapsed. In tribute, they were clad in black yesterday.

I walked by the remains last night, joining a long line of photographers pressed against the fencing erected along the block. The mix of burned facades and icicles resembled a melting candle. All of the conversations I overheard had notes of loss in them, but luckily none of the conspiracy theories that have cropped up (most stemming from the interest of developers in the area and plans to the east of the affected buildings for a condo and possibly a Home Depot).

Photo taken February 21, 2008 - JB

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