seventies snapshot

Conner Creek Edison Plant (Seven Sisters), early 1970s
Today's dig into the box of 1970s family photos centres on a couple of Detroit landmarks - one altered, one gone.

A recreational site for Detroiters since the late 19th century, Belle Isle was also one of the starting points of the 1943 race riots. Many of my experiences on the island involved traffic jams spurred by passengers in other vehicles reaching out to pet the island's deer population (who appear to have been rounded up by the island zoo).

On the left is the Belle Isle Coast Guard station. The white tower no longer exists.

On the right, located on the mainland, is the Conners Creek Edison Plant. Opened in 1915, its set of smokestacks earned the nickname "Seven Sisters". The plant was demolished in August 1996.

Photo taken sometime in the early 1970s - JB


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