Wednesday, October 18, 2006

inspired by what happened at the tallahatchie bridge?

I should know to stick to back roads.
Driving down to Montreal last Friday was an exercise in frustration whenever my wheels touched 401. Numerous construction zones, inexplicable traffic jams, much like recent travels along 401 from Toronto to Windsor. I thought I'd mix freeway and backroad travel, but should have stuck entirely to the latter.

Especially when odd discoveries were made.

After filling up in Napanee, I headed along county roads to the north of 401, an area I'd never been through before. Among the towns I passed through was Yarker, northwest of Kingston. At the town's main intersection, I saw a bridge ahead of me and decided to check out the view from it.

The name of the street next to the bridge caused me to do a double-take.

Ode to Billie Joe, Canadian Style?

Choctaw to a bridge...cue the record player in my head. The only thing missing was a sign indicating this was the Tallahachie Bridge (I didn't see any signs namimg it).

Looking West Off The Bridge By Choctaw Ridge Looking East Off The Bridge By Choctaw Ridge
Views from the bridge, showing off fall colours. Any local version of Billie Joe would appear to have a painful landing.

Mill Carving
Carvings next to the bridge. It was soon time to move on, driving peacefully until I hit a traffic jam along Hwy 2 in Kingston.

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