Wednesday, October 25, 2006

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Warehouse Election Central

Toronto was one of the last municipalities to allow candidates to erect signs this year, which was very noticeable if you drove out of the town. Signs in the rest of the province were in full bloom by the time the first signs appeared in Toronto last week. As I have driven around most of Southern Ontario over the past month, I've had my camera handy to capture any signs that deviate even slightly from the usual "Vote John Doe" or "Re-elect Jane Doe". You can find the growing set of pictures over on Flickr.

Today's samples come from my old stomping grounds, the deep southwest.

Municipal Election Sign 3
From Kingsville, one wonders how many American Pie-based jokes this candidate is on the receiving end of. It's human nature to make fun of a candidate based solely on their name.

Municipal Election Sign 9
This comes from the "70s Real Estate Sign" playbook. It screams small-town realty firm: the logo, the placement of text, the cut-out picture, the colour scheme. Discovered while driving out of Blenheim.

Municipal Election Sign 1
From Amherstburg, the caring/big brother approach. One of the few signs I've seen so far that has given slight Orwellian vibes. Other lingering question: if this is the only candidate who openly cares, what does it say about the potential depth of engagement in municipal affairs for other candidates who don't openly state that they give a darn?

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