Monday, October 30, 2006

the surname symbolism signage playbook

Warehouse Election Central

...or, how to exploit the symbolic power of your name for fun and political profit. There is no shortage of candidates taking advantage of this playbook during the current campaign.

Municipal Election Sign 4

Municipal Election Sign 25
Two candidates ringing their Bells - the top's from Leamington, bottom Guelph. The latter is, depending on your view of sign clusters, in full bloom or needs serious weeding. Note avoidance of phrases like "ringing in change" or "time for a change".

Municipal Election Sign 18
From the Maitland area in Eastern Ontario, a candidate capitalizing on the avian aspect of their name.

There are variants to this playbook:

Municipal Election Sign 26
Variant #1: Utilizing the punny potential of your name. However, if the candidate's name was November, using a similar line could cause heads to scratch more than usual.

Municipal Election Sign 30
Variant #2: playing on the name of your ward, as is the case with this sign from Guelph. This sign takes the tasteful approach, with a silhouette of the namesake saint and a small pair of shamrocks. Imagine if the Lucky Charms leprechaun had been used.

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