Thursday, August 17, 2006

fake facial hair brings out the sexy

Vintage Ad #45 - Modocrylic Hair Will Make You A Sex God Too
Yes, modocrylic hair will make you a sex god.

I'd love to have seen how the sample matching turned out.

This ad appeared regularly in early 70s comics. One wonders who exactly their target market was: high schoolers wanting to appear older and more sophisticated, especially if they couldn't generate any peach fuzz? Drama club members on a tight budget? Swingin' college students? Imaginative kids? A man-about-town who wanted instant facial hair to match the mood, the pot of fondue he whipped up for a lucky lady and his Hef-style smoking jacket? Unlucky 43-year old batchelors? Early drag kings?


Tomb of Dracula (1972-79) was one of a slew of horror-themed series Marvel unleashed after Comics Code restrictions about the use of ghouls and monsters were loosened in the wake of drug-related stories issued by Merry Marvel (Amazing Spider-Man #96-98) and the Distinguished Competition (Green Lantern/Green Arrow #85-86) in 1971. Other series spawned included Werewolf by Night, Man-Thing (including its double-entendred partner title, Giant-Size Man-Thing), Ghost Rider, Monster of Frankenstein, Son of Satan, The Living Mummy (in Supernatural Thrillers) and Brother Voodoo (in Strange Tales).

TOD was among the most highly regarded and consistent of these series. Gene Colan penciled all 70 issues, writer Marv Wolfman arrived with #7 and inker Tom Palmer rounded out the team with #12. Moody art and long-running storylines kept fans glued with each issue, even if it became hard for a newbie to jump in. The series centred around Drac's revival in the modern day, as he battled his descendants and those of characters from Bram Stoker's novel. The most recognizable supporting character is Blade, who debuted two issues after this ad appeared.

Source: Tomb of Dracula #8, May 1973

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