Monday, August 14, 2006

scary clown photo of the day

So scary I had to use my new camera's sepiatone setting! You have been warned...

Scary Clown Plots Against Ice Cream Eaters, Page 12
Ah, the things one discovers while wandering with a group around Toronto. Last week's walk started off behind St. Clair West station, then northwestward along the path through the ravine. After checking out patches of poison ivy, local kids gave us a tour of the tagging underneath Bathurst. They had to leave before 9 or their moms would chew them out.

Exhibit 1: The Sign Sloan Your Momentum Carries Us Jungle Gym Time!

We were accompanied by a film crew from 52mondays - the footage should be up in the near future. Resurfacing near Vaughan Rd, we checked out a playground at Laughlin Park. Two of us ripped up our hands going down the slide on the jungle gym. I should have learned my lesson about slides after skinning my elbows while riding down the tube at the Delta Chelsea a few years ago. The healing is proceeding smoothly. Wonder if the wooden posts holding up the slide have developed a reddish hue over the years...

We headed back along Vaughan, passing equal numbers of milk stores and religious institutions (ranging from wiccans in the middle of a percussion-heavy ritual to a Buddhist temple).

The evening wound down at Dutch Dreams, the second time this summer I've been on a group outing that ended there. Not that I'm complaining...thumbs up for the watermelon sherbet, complete with cookie "seeds". I had never sat at the back before, so I had missed the collection of knick-knacks on the walls, including the scary clown. All with a steady stream of the Beatles in the background (except for one Simon & Garfunkel tune).

More pictures on ye olde Flickr site and over at Squiddity. - JB

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