Thursday, August 03, 2006

au revoir, 3 star

While passing through Guelph on the weekend, this caught my eye.

3 Stars, 6 Screens
Had the dumpiest theatre from my university days finally met its end?

While I only saw one movie at the 3 Star, it was the constant butt of jokes for years for its less-than-optimal state (for the record, a group drove out to catch Goldeneye during second year). Remote-for-students-without-vehicles location, small auditoriums and decaying conditions were among the complaints. When a Galaxy opened up down the road, one had to figure that 3 Star, despite low prices, would bite the dust.

3 Star Entrance Sprite: Enjoy When The Theatre Closes Permanently
The place had various identity crises. I didn't know the name had changed to Woodlawn; nobody took the effort to replace all of the signs. Called the 3 Star, had 6 screens, with plans for 9. Call it a thing for multiples of 3...

3 Star Lobby Employees Only No More Cold Drinks
A few shots of the interior. Don't remember, but I'd guess the concession stand signs were there back in '95. The general appearance gave me 80s teen movie vibes.

3 Star Cinema Frontage
The 3 Star/Woodlawn joins the long list of 70s/80s cinemas falling by the wayside. Lacking the architectural charm and larger auditoriums of older theatres and creatures comforts of modern megaplexes, these cinemas are rapidly going the way of the dodo. In the long run, smaller screens (bordering on living room size in early Cineplexes) lacking atmosphere, unless provided by the audience, were one of those ideas that didn't stand the test of time or investor pocketbooks. - JB

MEMORIES FROM OTHER FOLKS (in case the comments disappear)
I have to say, I'm not mourning it... The last few times I saw movies there it a) was FREEZING and b) smelled like something had died under my seat. The kitsch is nice, but the skeeze it what makes me think of the sticky-star... - Natalie

Oh no! So long, duct tape theatre ... Dee and I will never forget the summer of bad movies ... Shaft, The Kid, Bless the Child ... we wasted many precious hours in your terribly uncomfortable seats. - JC

I will miss you, duct tape theatre. Along with our occasional male escorts (not that kind!), we did watch a series of worsening movies there - Jess, you forgot The Perfect Storm! A part of Princess history, lost forever... - DM

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