Monday, December 01, 2014

warehouse video department: murdoch mysteries

This summer, I had the opportunity to be interviewed for an online bonus feature for Murdoch Mysteries. After quickly slipping back in time to tour the show’s sets, the camera rolled. Here’s the result – I show up around the 1:55 mark to discuss the state of automobiles in Toronto during the early Edwardian era.

Between this, giving a talk to a local historical society a few weeks ago, and leading a heritage walking tour this summer, my confidence in my public speaking ability has skyrocketed. It’s a sideline worthy of further exploration as a sideline to my freelance activities. Fingers crossed that I can tap into more opportunities like these. 

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Georgene Bramlage said...

Good on you not only for the opportunity to be interviewed as an expert, but for recognizing your increase in confidence as well as thinking ahead about where this might lead you.