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Vintage Ad #530: Get that Jem Dandy Bounce with Geratex! 
Advertisement, Safari, March 1957.

There are standard tropes generations of newspapers have relied upon to fill up that tiny piece of front page real estate which no other story can stretch into. One is the "aw, isn't that 100-year-old-person cute!" trope. These tales often came over the wires, and had zilch to do with the city it was published in.

For example, take this tale pasted in the middle of the March 27, 1952 edition of the Telegram:

'Eye For Girls'
He's Not Old At 102

Galesburg, Mich - March 27 (AP) - "I still get a kick out of seeing a pretty girl," mused William Ridler as he observed his 102nd birthday today.

"When I don't any more, I'll know I'm getting old."
Imagine the Upworthy-esque headline were this published today: "If You Fear That Lust Fades With Age, This 102-Year-Old Man Will Change Your Mind."


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