Thursday, January 20, 2011

CONN!!! (come on and buy some crap from us! you know that you want to!)

Vintage Ad #1,366: John Philip Sousa Cultivates His Musical Bump With Conn

Over thirty years later, Conn used many of the same selling points that Mr. Sousa stands by when they produced a short promotional film called Mr. B Natural. Forty years after that, Conn's efforts to promote the fruits of their quality craftsmanship provided the material for one of the funniest segments of Mystery Science Theatre 3000.

With a tagline like "cultivate your musical bump" this ad cries out for MST3K-style riffing and/or groan-inducing double entendres from hecklers at the back of the town square or orchestra hall.

Ad source: Photoplay, November 1923 - JB

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