the current news cycle is making hardened newsboys a little wild eyed

Scary Newsboy

A man dragged a few blocks under a streetcar. A stoned mentally ill man in a police standoff for a couple of hours. A TTC fare hike that vanished as quickly as it was proposed. Two bomb scares by the local CSIS office caused by the same person (who left his keys in the ignition). A police officer killed by a stolen snow plow.

All this (and a story or two we're probably forgetting) since yesterday morning in Toronto.

No wonder this newsboy looks frazzled.

But, as a man on the bus this morning (either Eglinton East or Lawrence East, don't remember which one I hopped on), proclaimed, "smile, it's Wednesday!"

Illustration taken from the June 25, 1859 edition of the Toronto Weekly Message - JB


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