bonus features: who'd make a better north york controller than mel lastman? NOOOBODY!

Before reading this post, check out the related article on Torontoist.

Lastman Loop
From the November 19, 1969 edition of the Enterprise (a community paper in Willowdale) comes this map of the proposed "Lastman Loop" commuter rail system. The accompanying article was titled "Lastman a-go-go," either as a nod to the times or a reference to GO Transit.

Vintage Ad #1,227: Lastman Speaks for Youth and Gets Things Done! (2)
Another version of Mel's pitch for the youth vote, from the same edition of the Enterprise. This one features a more formally posed Mel than the ad I chose for the column. Perhaps this ad was meant to reassure voters that the showman was serious about seeking office and that this wasn't yet another publicity stunt.

ts 69-12-02 election results
From the December 2, 1969 edition of the Toronto Star, a picture of Mel and his wife Marilyn that seems at odds with a man who has just won an election. His face says either that the responsibilities which lay ahead in his new post were just starting to sink in, or he was reminded of his threat to sue National Jewish Digest publisher Sidney Stern for defamation during the campaign (a front page article published days before the election criticized Lastman's business practices and his move into politics). - JB


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