irving the unlucky

When running for public office, candidates hope to have Lady Luck on their side. Under ideal circumstances, civic officials in waiting hope to get positive feedback from their potential constituents, score points during debates, and pray no dirt from their past resurfaces. Even if you accomplish all of that, fate may have other ideas.

Take the case of Irving Goldberg, who ran for alderman in North York's Ward 6 back in 1969. Based on this account from the Don Mills Mirror, he was plagued by misfortune throughout his campaign.

dmm 69-11-26

Goldberg's bad luck continued on election day, when he lost by just over 500 votes to optician John Knox.

Source: The Don Mills Mirror, November 26, 1969

PS: Here's what Goldberg's pharmacy looked like when Google Maps snapped a shot of 2829 Bathurst. At the time, it was an shuttered children's store. - JB


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