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Vintage Ad #979: Brett Halliday welcomes the Ramada Inn Downtown Toronto
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But how could our intrepid writer not been impressed with the facilities, flat rates and "Fiddler on the Roof" while writing this advertorial? He's being paid to enjoy it...which makes me wonder how Mr. Halliday would have raved about a lesser establishment...

I spent a considerable amount of time researching each and every room at the Harlequin Hotel and declare that these character-filled spaces have their own unique touches. I could visualize the merry moments of bliss that filled each eye-catching element of all twenty-five rooms. The sheets come in a rainbow of colours that reflect the moods and inspirations of previous guests. The lush carpeting retains an inkling of the form and function of times long past. Sam the manager has done a spectacular job taking every guest's needs into consideration, from the cool breeze percolating through the stained-glass windows to the complimentary selection of toiletries carefully chosen to enhance your evening rest.

Brett Halliday's advertorial guides to local dining and shopping establishments have been a staple of Toronto newspapers since the 1970s, most recently appearing in the National Post. Unlike most of his work from the late 1970s, Halliday's gushing praise of the Ramada is not broken up by one ellipsis after another. Most of Halliday's dining "columns" can only be fully appreciated if read with dramatic pauses or your best William Shatner imitation.

Go ahead...read this "column"...aloud:
Vintage Ad #978: Food for Thought with Brett Halliday

As for the Ramada, it's now known as the Best Western Primose Hotel. While still a place to rest for visitors, it also houses students from the University of Toronto.

Source: The Toronto Sun, June 5, 1977 - JB


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