how about them apples?

Golden Delicious Apples Waiting to be Picked

For the past several years, an afternoon of apple picking has been part of my Thanksgiving weekend. As long as the weather cooperates, it's a chance to relive a favourite childhood activity, when the entire family would head to orchards around Essex or Harrow. Recent pickings have been closer the latter, usually at one of two orchards on Ferris Road. This year, Amy, Sarah and I headed to Twin Oaks, a no frills spot where the only razzle dazzle is the van where pickers purchase bags for the fresh apple goodness to come.

The trees hadn't been fully picked over, leaving us with plenty of fruit to choose from and clown around with.

Ladybug on an Apple

Even the ladybugs joined in the fun, though they failed to wrestle any apples off the trees.

I'm still making my way through the x-number of pounds I picked. Most have wound up in lunchtime salads, mixed with cheese, mandarin oranges and other goodies.

All photos taken October 11, 2009 - JB


Amy said…
Mine have become apple butter!
Amy said…

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