Tuesday, May 12, 2009

triple play

Three months, three events, three pictures for each...


Ice Gondola

February: a group stroll along almost the entire length of Dupont Street started off with a quick look at the melting pieces in the Bloor Yorkville Icefest. This gondola included cushions to sit on, though they were soaked by the time we checked it out.

High Heel for Well-Heeled Shoppers

Other sculptures included high heels (for well-heeled shoppers), mysterious profiles, a bandito resting under a cactus, corporate logos...

Ice Sculpture Graveyard

...and a graveyard for pieces gone to the great ice carving contest in the sky.

Full set of pictures.



March: a group dinner outing to Mildred's Temple Kitchen in Liberty Village. Finding the place was tricky, as the entrance is slightly hidden along a passageway—Sarah had to run into a salon to find the exact location. Once there, the group took the menu's advice and indulged.

Wild Georgian Bay Smoked Whitefish Fritters

Among the dishes I sampled was this plate of whitefish fritters, coated in a light, non-greasy batter. If this coating was used for regular fish instead of the tasty mix of smoked whitefish and other goodies inside, my family would love it.

Frites (1)

The frites were a hit with the table...so much that this order was part of the dessert course. We were amused by some of the space's idiosyncrasies, from the mysterious large wooden door that turned out to be the gateway to the washrooms, to the fruit lining the walls behind our table.

Full set of pictures.


Practice Makes Perfect

April: More group dining in Liberty Village, this time a Saturday morning brunch at the educationally-themed School Bakery & Cafe.

Potato Sausage Omelet

I had the potato sausage omelet, which came with, according to the menu, "melted brie, home fries, pepper biscuit and greens." The sausage was chorizo and the home fries were a mix of regular and sweet potatoes, a combination I'm tempted to try at home sometime. All of the biscuits that came with dishes or were ordered on the side were very satisfying—besides the black pepper-rich one above, I also had a cardamom biscuit on the side. Mine weren't dry, unlike the brioche found in several dishes (the cheesy french toast was a hard, crusty, mass of cheese on dry bread).

SBC Benni

Another dish that received several thumbs up was the SBC Benni. Most meals, and a few sides, arrived in black cast-iron dishes. The school theme was charming and well-executed, from the tomes used as light shades to the report card envelope used to house the bill.

Full set of pictures.

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