Wednesday, September 10, 2008

martha logan says...

Vintage Ad #603: Martha Logan Says Meat is Material of War
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World War II. With many staples of life like meat being rationed, consumers were encouraged to make the most of their allotments and stretch them to their limits. Magazines were filled with advice from manufacturers on how to sensibly use their products to leave enough for the boys overseas. Once you cut through the wartime propaganda, words of wisdom from real or fictional home economists ring true even without the ration coupons.

A moment of silence for all cuts of meat that succumbed to freezer burn.

Martha Logan appears to have been as real a person as Betty Crocker. The name used for tips and publications from Swift's home economics department through the 1960s.

Stay tuned for more tips from Martha in the future.

Source: National Home Monthly, November 1943

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