Wednesday, August 13, 2008

but first, a few words from god

A Message From God (1)
A Message From God (2)
Howdy all.

Before taking the next six months to tell tales from the eight states (seven for Mom) my family wandered through last week, I figured these billboards from Detroit would make a nice, quick entry to ease my way back into posting. The first sign was located near Tiger Stadium, whose life appears to be ending after a decade of neglect. Strategic sign placement to hammer the point?

Sign two was found north of the Ambassador Bridge at the upper end of the massive reconfiguration of the bridge interchanges with I-75 and I-96. While bemoaning cussing in general, the sign may refer to grumbling from drivers navigating the detours around Mexicantown. God should have suggested the W.C. Fields method of cursing, which involves muttering a name that sounds close to a swear word, such as "Godfrey Daniels!"

Photos taken August 2, 2008 

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