Monday, March 24, 2008

sign o' the times and tales of demolished pizza joints

High Collision Intersection
Lots of things happening here lately (night school, outings on the town, Easter with the family), hence the lack of entries over the past week. Luckily I've managed to avoid major collisions, though I may have served as an obstacle at a crowded gallery opening late last week (photos here).

I also avoided spinning into other vehicles during a sudden snow storm on the drive home for Easter - flurries started around Tecumseh, then the sky opened up a few kilometres from home on a road surrounded by deep ditches. Cue white knuckles on the driver's wheel.

Old Man Winter is starting to resemble the party guest who doesn't know when to leave.


Another part of my childhood is vanishing. A recent post on International Metropolis spotlights the demolition of a long-vacant Mother's Pizza in downtown Windsor.

We ate at Mother's regularly as kids, partly because it was family-friendly, partly because Mom loved the cinnamon ice cream served with apple pie. There were at least two locations in Windsor, though we usually went to the downtown location over the the east side branch on Tecumseh Road (it was out near Lauzon Parkway I think - can any readers verify where that one was?). While IM indicates Mother's was in operation until the early 90s, I don't recall. Perhaps the quality sank and we never bothered to go. Not that there was a shortage of places in Windsor to dine on pizza and Italian delights...

I don't recall the neighbouring building as a furniture store, but its Mac's phase coincided with the period when Dad and I regularly visited the main branch of the Windsor Public Library across the street. Dad browsed the book sale room while I hung out in the Arts and Sports sections, filling my insatiable need for knowledge about old movies and long-dead baseball players. Two things ended this: the implementation of user fees for borrowers who lived outside the city and a battle we lost with the library over the a book they claimed we damaged but had been in a warped state when I borrowed it. To this day, I avoid library books with any hint of water damage or excessive numbers of pages falling out.

Photo taken on Old Scugog Road, Hampton, February 16, 2008 - JB

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