au revoir hometown mall: going, going...

The New Waiting Room
I spent most of Victoria Day weekend back home in Amherstburg, which meant another opportunity to trace the ongoing demolition of White Woods Mall. It looked like someone decided to bring a chair for a front-row view.

The pace had quickened since my last visit - the east wing and A&P were history, though rubble in the lot may have belonged to either.

Twisted Metal Crimestoppers
Left: Bundles of twisted metal occupied the area around the old northeast entrance.

Right: Clearing away the rest of the lot for the Bentonville Behemoth was well underway. Have not checked on the number of calls Crimestoppers has received in relation to this site.

Years ago, Crimestoppers ran weekly ads before SCTV reruns on Windsor's CBC affiliate. The last one I remember, regarding an incident at a Burger King at Tecumseh and Lauzon Rd, ran for months. The narrator was more dramatic than usual, placing slow, heavy emphasis on "SUS-PECT NUM-BER ONE".

Steve's Air Unit Tender Tootsies
Left: Anyone need an air conditioning unit? Note the outlots in the back - the north set are finished, the west well on their way.

Right: No Tender Tootsies today. These are the remains of the north wing; the only area of the mall still functioning was the southwest corner, containing the fitness centre and a dollar store.

All pictures taken May 19, 2007. Full photo set on Flickr.


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