wonder woman and jerry lewis...together!

Vintage Ad #245 - Hey Lady!
A meeting of titans, both facing crossroads in their lengthy careers.

Jerry Lewis's movie career petered out as the 1970s dawned. Apart from the infamously unreleased concentration camp drama The Day The Clown Cried (1972), Lewis did not star in any movies for a decade between Which Way to the Front? (1970) and Hardly Working (1980). This, along with declining sales of humour comics in general, may have played a part in the end of his 20-year run as a comic book headliner in 1971. The latter part of the run played Jerry off against his nephew Renfrew, with the occasional cameo from DC Comics' stable of superheroes.

As for Jerry's co-star, Wonder Woman was in the middle of her "Emma Peel" era. Changes to the character in 1968 eliminated her powers, costume and romantic interest. Out with invisible planes, star-spangled shorts and Steve Trevor, in with butt-kicking, pseudo-trendy outfits and a midget retainer named I Ching. Any boost from these changes faded and the status quo was back by 1973, not long after the traditional rendition of the character appeared on the cover of the debut issue of Ms. magazine.

Source: Phantom Stranger #6, March-April 1970


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