rosedale rhapsody

Number 3 Spooky Rosedale House
This week's walk: holiday lights in Rosedale.

Along the way, we discovered an abandoned/secured property, fully lit up yet totally inaccessible. All walkways up to the house were blocked by fencing. We guessed a legal dispute was at play - our theory was an inheritance tied up in litigation. The picture on the right turned out blurry, but a few filters give it the proper spooky effect. I expect rays of light to burst through the windows at any second...

Man With Tail Watering Lawn
The further north we went, the number of lighting displays increased. This held to another group theory, that lower-wealth neighbourhoods contain better holiday displays (wealth being relative in Rosedale, though this point was proven to me a few nights later when I wandered on my own around the city, to be covered in an upcoming post).

The side shot above almost looks human shaped, except for the giant tail/very long watering house/whatever you imagine it is.

Rhapsody in Red
North of the train tracks, homes decked with lights stood out, including this rhapsody in red. Also noticed one home where four vehicles were packed into the driveway so tightly, we wondered what their "move the car" ritual must be like.

The wind really hit us as we walked towards Yonge along St. Clair. Like a rocket losing its shielding upon re-entry, protective elements like gloves began to fail as we struggled against blasts of cold air, especially when we hit the office towers. Cue a thawing session at a nearby pub.


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