meanwhile, back on croft street...

While out for a stroll Sunday afternoon, I wandered by the College St end of Croft St and noticed a few new elements - a fresh series of artwork along the walls of the east side of the street.
Croft St Plaque
John Croft, receiving the official plaque treatment.

Dancing on the Walls
The plaque is sandwiched between dancers on the left, an unnamed portrait on the right.

Take a Bite Out of Cloud
The red figure in the middle reminds me of characters from 60s/70s undergrounds (usually talking pills).

Gettin' a Haircut by the Windows
Haircuts and apartment dwellers.

Heart of the City
The new heart of the city?

Wonder Woman and Pie
You're a wonder, Wonder Woman.

Croft St, Croft St Next
Waiting for the Croft St Red Rocket.


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