the tuned-in look of chch

Vintage Ad #83 - The Tuned-In Look
A short break from the usual Tuesday CBC ad for a look at one of its competitors.

CHCH started off as Hamilton's CBC affiliate in 1954, severing its ties around 1960-61. For the next three decades, it was one of Canada's strongest independent stations, developing programs such as Hillarious House of Frightenstein, Party Game and Smith & Smith. A number of sales followed, until it formed the basis of CanWest Global's CH network after the station was acquired from WIC.

The introduction of colour programming spurred this series of trippy ads, featuring the station's "flower" logo. Also note that while the ad is tuned in and turned out, it doesn't suggest that the audience "drop out". The bean counters wouldn't have appreciated the audience numbers had that happened...

Source: Toronto Life, December 1967 


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