Monday, April 17, 2006

vintage sports illustrated ad of the day

Vintage Ad #28 - Enjoy Before Everyone Drinks Too Much Old-Style Kentucky BourbonHere we have a nice, WASPy, suburban middle-class BBQ at the dawn of the 1960s. Mrs. Early has worked all day preparing her famous Bourbon-Style Salad. She taste-tested the dressing several times during preparation, hence her stare into a void, not at Mr. Early in the doorway.

Mr. Early occasionally casts a bemused glance towards Henderson and Miss Jones. He suspects they may be having an affair. This doesn't bother Mr. Early, since it leaves him more time to spend with the lovely Mrs. Henderson. Where is Mrs. Henderson? She's at home watching Tommy, who's recovering from a bout of recalcitrant plebney.

Henderson's expression tells you all you need to know about what's going down with Miss Jones, though he is puzzled why she spends an extraordinary amount of time with his sister Hilda.

Early Times was smooth stuff alright. Mr. Early had secured a case for the BBQ, which was emptied. Many secrets were revealed, one marriage ended, many hand and facial burns resulting from touching the grill nobody bothered to cool down. It was the stuff of a period tear-jerker.

The greatest tragedy: nobody touched the corn on the cob.

Source: Sports Illustrated, June 20, 1960 - JB

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