Saturday, September 04, 2004

bmx revisited

I'm finally starting a long overdue task around here - sorting through my cassette collection to see what stays, what goes. While going through the first rack, found a tape of the "house band" in my residence during my third year of university, BMX. They were essentially a joke band, but managed to play a few fun gigs before petering out.

Consider this a lost chunk of the rich musical history of Guelph in the past two decades.

The core members of the group were Beastmaster X (vocals), DJ JD Masta Snack Cracka (guitar), Doctor Renfrew Boney Row-Row (bass), Punk Bitch (cello, vocals), Gary (drums) and Bonhomme Carnival (interpretive dancing). Slam dancers were often on hand to liven the crowd up.

Their repertoire was mostly covers, such as the two songs featured today (in their original forms - the only BMX material I have is on tape, and let's just say CRMW central doesn't have the transfer technology yet). Beastmaster X belted out the Martian tune, while Rebel Girl was Punk Bitch's solo showcase. Other tunes they covered included the theme from Sesame Street. Their main original tune was the growly Hazlenut Chocolate Mousse Torte ("oh what a cake/why don't you take a bite"), an ode to the dessert.

(photo to be restored)
The fuzz busted the show pictured here. The crime: making too much noise in the courtyard outside Zavitz Hall (the fine art building). L-R: Snack Cracka, Gary (hidden), Bonhomme, Beastmaster, Doctor, Punk.

At least one show was recorded for posterity, at the venerable Albion Hotel in November of '96 (pictured at the top of this entry). The set list gives a flavour of the band's repertoire:

I Turned Into A Martian/Heartbreak Hotel/Macarena/Sesame Street/Hazelnut Chocolate Mousse Torte/Devil Inside/Rebel Girl/Bitches (a band original)/Theme from The Dukes of Hazzard/Theme From Happy Days/Ice Ice Baby

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