Tuesday, March 28, 2006

classics of western young adult literature

Whenever I glance at the 50 cent/$1 bin outside of any used book store, there are always one or two titles good for a laugh. In Ann Arbor, this dose of comedy relief is provided by the rolling cases outside Dawn Treader Book Store on Liberty St.

Classics of Western Young Adult Literature #1 Classics of Western Young Adult Literature #1 Back Cover

Love that title. Alas, a late 80s teen novel about a bunch of misfits calling themselves "obnoxious jerks" was not enough to make Amy or I part with 50 cents US, despite the teasers on the back. Further research reveals that the writer is currently a columnist for Forbes and PC World magazines.

Reviews from Amazon.

But wait, what is that book The Obnoxious Jerks proudly stands on top of?

Classics of Western Young Adult Literature #2

Since neither of us wants to know about fish tanks exploding or marine lust, we passed on this one.

Turns out this was a Canadian book! Another case that proves my theory that Ann Arbor is the graveyard for Canadian publishers (I've lost count of how many Canadian remainders I've seen over the years - Dad used to buy monster U of T-published reference books).

For those of you with dirty minds, a BBC report on guppies in love. - JB, books modelled by AT

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