Tuesday, March 14, 2006

mount pleasant by night

While on a recent late-night stroll around the neighbourhood, I brought along my camera for company. While it refused to answer my questions about life and humanity's place in the universe, it agreed to snap some shots of Mt. Pleasant at midnight.

Dreaming of Neon Fish Spring Costumes #1
Left: The smell of fresh-fried fish & chips occasionally greets me at the bunker after a long day's work, thanks to Penrose Fish & Chips. A neighbourhood fixture for five decades, take-out traffic remains heavy. It's not uncommon to see folks unwrapping their paper-wrapped fried bounty as they walk down the street. I'm still spoiled by memories of the light, non-greasy batter at Sir Cedric's in Windsor - I've tried Penrose twice and found the food fine, but the halibut can be on the skimpy side (the chips rock, but I only eat fries 3-4 times a year tops). Toronto Life review.

Right: Fairy-tale royalty reigns in the window of Sugar's Costumes. Considering their specialty, one wonders who'd these solemn-looking folks would make mascots for. Hmmm, based on their expressions, these might be great characters for a bloody Sam Peckinpah-style fairy tale (sorry, I rented The Wild Bunch and Straw Dogs last week).

Spring Costumes #2 Spring Costume #3
Two outfits at Kids Costumes, which used to be two doors from the bunker on Manor. With Spring approaching, out come the insects and those who study/hunt them. A sweet pairing for kids with grade 1 crushes (little did I know that my grade 1 "dating" days would be the peak of my romantic life for the next two decades).

What North Toronto Read/Watched This Weekend
A survey of what North Toronto read/watched last week, courtesy of the Mt. Pleasant library drop box (Mt. Pleasant & Manor). Daddy Day Care...

Blue Light Special
A cool effect from the Greece Restaurant (Mt. Pleasant & Hillsdale).

The Price of Parking
If you're interested in driving to the neighbourhood, here's how much parking will set you back at the Briton House lot (Mt. Pleasant & Soudan). This Green P lot is sandwiched between a Shoppers Drug Mart and the former IGA/future Sobeys. - JB

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