Tuesday, November 22, 2005

come up to the blue of canada, and enjoy the 1984 detroit tigers

An indication of how much beer advertising has changed in the past 20 years. Don't think I've ever heard anyone wax poetic about the clean, clear outdoorsy feeling that comes over them while knocking back a Blue.

Take a gander at that bottle...were stubbies still in production in '84, when this ad appeared? Or did Canadians keep them in the Great White North?

Note that the importer was located in suburban Buffalo. Was Blue western New York's #1 imported beer?

Many memories of the 1984 Tigers, the last edition of the team to go to the World Series. They stayed in first place all season long, driving the growing number of Blue Jays fans crazy (the Jays were less than a decade old). Watching Jack Morris throw a no-hitter on the NBC Game of the Week. Going to see my second baseball game at Tiger Stadium (forget the results). WDIV sportscaster Al Ackerman's catchphrase that stuck to the team: "Bless You Boys". My beloved Tigers jacket from Montgomery Ward. The burning police car during World Series celebrations. Heady times for a nine-year old baseball nut. - JB

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