Sunday, November 20, 2005

some of my best rats are friends

While on a stroll downtown a few months ago, I picked up a cheap bound volume of Maclean's magazine, covering the first half of 1979. You'll see plenty of material from this tome when the federal election finally drops, as these issues cover the campaign that led to Joe Clark's minority government.

(Yeah, I know the 1980 election is a closer parallel to one we're about to have, but I work with what I have!)

Until then, and until the sun engulfs the earth, I'll dig into these magazines to highlight the ads, as they tell us as much about the time as the articles do. Full-size versions of these ads will also appear on my Flickr site.

Let's begin with a CBC Radio teaser from the January 29, 1979 issue:

If only Ed Grimley was pictured with the singing rats. That would have been comedy gold. Short would have been in his second season onstage with Second City when the show aired.

We're sad to report that the all-rodent musical craze this show spawned lasted 36 minutes in the summer of '79, when the SPCA cracked down on a Montreal theatrical company that used real singing rats during a production of Marat/Sade.

No info on the web about this show, though Google suggests I should check out "some of my best rates are friends". Does anyone know anything about this production? Should CBC have rerun it during the strike?

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