Saturday, July 23, 2005

isle o' smog

Hey folks, I'm back on my feet again. The cold is in its last stages, just the occasional coughing spell. I should have stayed home on Wednesday, but one meeting and a mound of work did not need to be dumped into anybody's else's lap...which I had to do anyway on Thursday when half of the documents I expected to wrap up lingered on (and were there to welcome me back yesterday - my anxiety was unjustified).

The combination of nasty cold and many other things that went on this week has caused a 42-car pileup in items awaiting entries. Consider the next few a crash course.

True to form, my birthday fell amidst the most oppressively hot days of the year. A few moments of anxiety led into Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, due to tickets selling like hotcakes. We weren't above searching for no-show tickets (got lucky twice), while others just missed the mark. Highly recommend it if you haven't seen it yet - how many movies allow Christopher Lee a touching moment?

Headed over to the Toronto Islands on Saturday, the muggiest day of the year. Want to have fun and dehydrate yourself in a hurry? Walk slowly from Ward's Island to Hanlan's Point, with stops for a picnic and croquet.

How heavy was the air? Here's a shot of the Toronto skyline, taken east of Centre Island. Not a healthy picture.

Here's the brave folks who braved the putrid air gearing up for a round of croquet. Steve and Mark prepare the course, James prepares his socks, Elizabeth observes and Paul (foreground) and Shereen (background) lie in peaceful contemplation of winning strategies.

The sky decided against opening up until we were nearly finished dinner, at Margarita's over on Baldwin St. The tostadas were cilantro heaven. After lying in a heap for a couple of hours at home, I headed back downtown to use up the last spot on my Fringe pass. Mark and Jess had the same idea, as I ran into them in line. Pajama Men was a burst of energy when at least two of us had none left - the titular dudes never stopped moving the entire hour. All ended well when I returned to the car at two past midnight on Brunswick and found no parking ticket. Good sign for 30? - JB

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