Monday, April 25, 2005

today on the sunday constitutional...

A few shots snapped while walking downtown Sunday afternoon...

What's wrong with this picture, shot on a mid-walk trip to Manhattan? Note that famous NYC attraction, the Bata Shoe Museum.

Yes, Bloor and Madison has suddenly slipped into a parallel dimension where it is now located south of Columbia University. Question: will this really fool anyone into believing it's the Big Apple?

(Or maybe I've got a time machine kicking around...)

You may have read in the Globe this weekend about city plans for handling graffiti. Here's a highly visibile example on College near Croft - note the message to our departed police chief.

Creative interpretation of the Val Kilmer faces slowly fading from buildings around the core. This one mourns his career while paying tribute to one of his roles. At least it ain't The Island of Dr. Moreau they're saluting... (Augusta and Nassau, Kensington Market)

The Four Seasons Centre (aka the new opera house) is well on its way at Queen and University. Note the mist around the tops of the skyscrapers in the back. At least we weren't hammered with snow like my family back in A'burg.

Let's zoom in on the mist around Scotiabank - anybody want to submit a good thriller plot based around this pic? - JB

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