Saturday, July 31, 2004

on the air - show #5

Not a good outing. Should have stayed in Toronto for Jordo's send-off (which was promising to be a good time, despite the drizzle on the Madison's patio).

Frozen Warnings - Nico
I should have heeded her warnings.

Ramblin' Gamblin' Man - Bob Seger System
Farmer John - Tidal Waves
Heinz Baked Beans - The Who
Mary Ann With The Shaky Hand (excerpt) - The Who
Why Am I Treated So Bad - Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger & The Trinity
The First Cut Is The Deepest - P.P. Arnold

The fun began during Mary Ann With The Shaky Hand, which developed a shaky performance - skip-o-rama. Veered from late 60s Detroit material to late 60s Britain.

O Nosso Amor - Antonio Carlos Jobim/Luis Bonfa
Life Is A Carnival - The Band
Carnaval - Santana
Carnival - The Cardigans
Carnaval In Rio - Heino

Guess the theme here. This set ran smoothly and I thought all was well and good. Starting thinking ahead to a "fistful of 45s" segment. One hitch - discovered I'd forgotten to bring a disc of festive Brazilian tunes. Stevie D suggested the early 70s Santana track before I left TO, which fit beautifully into this set.

Sunday Morning - Manu Dibango
Chicken Strut - The Meters
Swan's Splashdown - Perrey & Kingsley
Second Cut - James Clarke

Mostly instrumental, mostly smooth sailing.

Silver Machine - Hawkwind
Les Filles - Les Sultans
Little White Lies - The Painted Ship
open Up Your Door - Richard & The Young Lions

60s-70s rock, starting to sneak in some CanCon. A couple of discs weren't liked by the newer CD decks, so there was a bit of scrambling to cue up tracks. Also discovered I'd forgotten to bring several more discs I'd made just for playing on this show - those tracks will have to wait until next time (mostly recent discoveries from the net).

I'll Keep Coming Back - The Guess Who
Keep On Running - Grant Smith & The Power
Stood Up - Sloan

When the shit started to hit the fan. I had planned to spend most of hour two playing 45s, either lesser-known B-sides of smash hits or long-buried singles in the station's 45 file cabinet. Strike one - there's only one 45 adapter. Strike two - it's slightly too small for either of the turntables. Strike three - try to make it fit, throw on the first 45 (an early Guess Who, B-side of Hurting Each Other), but by the end of song, the record is wandering around the turntable. Panic-striken, I grab the first CD at hand and throw it in the player. Sort of made things work for the Sloan 45, but decided to give up, as everything in the studio conspired against me. The mic fell, I tripped over the headphone cord getting out of the chair, log sheets flew everywhere, piles of CDs fell.

Boot To The Head - The Frantics
In a froth, I came close to a mini-meltdown on air, indicating all was not good...and I really wanted to give something a boot to the head. Luckily, I had a Frantics CD with me...

Don't Be Afraid - Howie Beck
Stab It & Steer It - Atomic 7
No One Has Ever Looked So Dead - The Organ

The last two reflected my blackening mood. After a long day, I started to feel dopey around this time. Hatched a plan to get myself out early, yet still fill the airwaves through 1 am.

Constipation Blues - Screamin' Jay Hawkins
Mothers of Invention bootleg, June 25/66
Please Don't Pass Me By (live) - Leonard Cohen
Hockey Night In Canada - The Shuffle Demons

After playing Constipation Blues, threw on two lengthy tracks to provide time to file away all station material I had pulled. Gradually cooled off, though items kept getting in my way.

On The Way Home (alternate version) - Buffalo Springfield
With a terse goodnight, threw this on, finished cleaning up, then hightailed it out. Trip home was a nerve-wracking affair, downpours alternating with maniac drivers and creeping fatigue. Had to get onto Eglinton when I reached the airport, finally arrived home around 2:30 and threw myself onto my bed.

One more to go...and it's got to be better than this one.

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